Custom made patches

Choose from embroidered, woven and sublimated patches, with free shipping


A classic! Embroidered patches are perfect for bold, crisp designs. The unique stitch texture gives design depth and complexity. Embroidery works well with larger letters and design elements. We suggest a minimum ¼ height for any text. Up to 7 thread colors included.


Woven patches are created with thinner threads and a continuous stitch versus thicker and discrete stitching for embroidery. With this tighter weave, woven patches allow for more details and smaller letters. Woven patches have a smoother surface and less “texture” than embroidery. Up to 7 thread colors included.

Sublimated (printed)

Printed (sublimated) patches are effectively a photo made of thread, thus allowing subtle details and colors that aren’t usually possible with embroidery. Printed patches are great for intricate design details, small font sizes and color gradients or to make a brand statement.


Order online up to 7 inch diameter.


Order online up to 7 x 7 inches.

Custom Shaped

Your shape design, custom die cut. Order online up to 7 x 7 inches.