Custom manufactured pins

Hard and soft enamel, die struck, full color pins and more

Pins in Every Size, Color & Shape

Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins are made using a die to stamp an impression onto a metal sheet, then cut from the sheet to form individual lapel pin faces then polished smooth. Available in different metal finishes.

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins have raised metal lines with a textured surface. The debossed areas are filled with colored enamel paints laid below the metal edges. Soft enamel pins work great for bold designs and distinct color separation.

Hard Enamel Pins

Also known as Cloisonne pins, hard enamel lapel pins have a smooth front surface. The recessed areas are filled with colored enamel to the same height as the metal edges. Hard enamel pins work best with bold designs and distinct color separation.

Photo Etched Pins

Photo etched lapel pins offer flexibility for more detailed and complex designs. The design is applied into metal plates using an acid etching process, with indentations then filled with enamel colors.

Epoxy Domed Pins

Full color printing of your design onto a metal backing with a clear epoxy dome then applied to cover and protect. Full color print allows great flexibility in your design, such as color gradients and fine details including photos or paintings.