Flexi Disc Pressing

A flexible alternative to vinyl! Easy ordering from 100 units. Shipped in 8-10 weeks.

7" Flexi Discs

Pick Your Colors & Shape

Example image of two flexi discs

Circle or Square shapes available in 8 color choices

Custom Foil Stamping

Chart of various foil colors

Your choice of 1-color disc label, including metallic foils

Printed Inserts

Flexi disc example image - with printed inserts

7" inserts, in black & white or full color

Printed Foldovers

Flexi disc pressing example image - flexi with foldover jacket

4-panel 7" foldover, in black & white or full color

Flexi FAQs

What is a flexi disc?

Flexi discs are grooved records pressed onto a thin, flexible sheet. Previously popular as promotional items in magazines, they now provide an easy and affordable way to promote your music as vinyl continues its resurgence. They are playable on a regular turntable, although they are much more limited in their sound quality and lifespan compared to standard vinyl records.


How much audio fits on a flexi?

7″ 45 RPM flexis are perfect for singles, with space for about 3 minutes of audio. Up to 6 minutes can be included at 33 RPM, but the sound quality may be compromised and is not recommended. If you have a specific need for 2-sided or 33 RPM flexis, please contact us.


How should I prepare my artwork for foil stamping?

Due to their thin, flexible material, artwork stamped onto the disc itself is limited to text or a simple logo. Artwork should avoid excessively small details as well as large solid stamping areas.



      • Use our flexi disc label template to design your artwork. Please remove the template layer before uploading your file. Additional artwork templates are available here.
      • Submit your artwork in black.
      • Provide vector artwork if possible.
      • Use text, lines, and spaces between objects larger than 0.3mm
      • Outline larger images and remove gradients
      • Distribute your design evenly across the stamping area of the disc
      • Utilize an insert to include more complex images, which will show through a transparent flexi when packaged into a polybag.



      • Include images with gradients, resolution below 300 ppi, or details smaller than 0.3mm
      • Have large sections of solid or shaded artwork
      • Use text weights, sizes, or spacing smaller than 0.3mm

flexi disc foil stamping example 1

flexi disc foil stamping example 2

Additional foil stamping examples are below, please contact us if you have any questions about the compatibility of your artwork:

Flexi foil stamping 2Flexi disc foil stamping 3

Full color flexi printing is also available starting at 1000 units.


For more information, please contact Customer Care:

[email protected] • 1-844-413-2848