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Short run vinyl pressing package example image - vinyl with jacket

Short Run Vinyl Pressing

Short Run Vinyl Pressing

Short Run Vinyl Pressing

Eco Mix Colored Vinyl: How Does That Work?

Eco Mix Vinyl Examples

Eco Mix is the same price as black records, but uses recycled material to create a completely random result. Check out some of our favorite Eco Mix records on our social media sites!


Can I choose which color my record will be?

There is absolutely no guarantee as to what color Eco Mix will come out, including darker mixes. To choose from our variety of available colors, please see our Standard Packages of 250+ units.


Eco Mix: Does that mean every record is a different color?

No, while there is some variation between each record, the color is mostly consistent throughout a single order.


How does the sound quality of Eco Mix compare?

The production method is the same as any other record, and while black vinyl still produces the most robust and consistent sound quality, the sound of Eco Mix records is comparable to standard black or color vinyl.


More questions? Feel free to reach out to Customer Care: 

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